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Brewery C. & A. Veltins GmbH & Co. KG
Veltins Arena

Home ground of Bundesliga team FC Schalke 04

Veltins alcohol-free beer
One of the world’s best Pilseners!
VfL Wolfsburg

Veltins – Premium sponsor for Bundesliga team VfL Wolfsburg


Veltins – Sponsor for winter sports, main sponsor for ski-jump championship 2015

Porsche Motorsport

Veltins – Official partner of the Porsche Motorsports team

Bobsled World Championship 2015

Winterberg, Sauerland – Main Sponsor

Welcome to BeerCellar Asia!

We are proud to bring VELTINS, one of the very best German beers, to Asia! Ranked as one the top 3 German premium beer brands by market share in its home country, it is time that Asia experiences this refreshing beer.

BeerCellar Asia was therefore formed in order to take on the task to bring this premium product not just to Singapore, but also the region of ASEAN. Lead by experts with a strong regional background  and coming from premium branded German MNCs, the BCA team will strive to also make this premium German product, Veltins,  a huge success in the region.

About Veltins

Veltins Arena
German Football
Porsche Motorsports


Drawing on tradition and good taste: FRESH VELTINS!

A brand will only come alive if its name is associated with a range of qualities which are appreciated by consumers. That is what VELTINS has achieved, which is quite a feat! This premium Pilsner, with its Sauerland origin and long family tradition has become one of Germany’s leading premium labels. Quite an achievement if you consider the fact that there are more than 1,200 breweries and over 5000 beer brands in Germany. After all, this is the place where in 1516 the German purity law, the Reinheitsgebot was born, the first ever piece of food legislation in the world! Two words to say it all: Fresh Veltins!

Evident of good taste: Top-grade ingredients, Fresh VELTINS!

An excellent beer for all occasions. VELTINS is synonymous with freshness, for a good reason: By enacting the beer purity law in 1516, German brewers created the basis for a tradition of excellence, individually and expertly refined by the C. & A. Brewery during the many decades that followed. This is another reason why VELTINS today ranks among the most popular German Pilsner beers, also the most popular type of German beer.  The pure brewing water still springs from the natural mountain sources located around Grevenstein, as it has for hundreds of years, located in an area which has for some time enjoyed protection as a natural reserve. Since its beginning, the VELTINS brewers have used nothing but pure malt, delicate hops and vigorous yeast. Today, the original VELTINS formula represents a technologically sophisticated brewing process resulting in consistent taste and quality. Day after day, our brewers deliver proof that tradition and high-tech are in no way mutually exclusive. Fresh VELTINS is perfect evidence of good taste.

Hospitality on a premium level: At home around the world

Consistent high quality and incomparable freshness have cemented VELTINS’ enviable reputation around the world. Within the hospitality industry and beverage trade, fresh VELTINS stands for premium-level enjoyment. This is not only true in Germany as the brand’s popularity is increasing the world over. At restaurants and in pubs, fresh VELTINS is served on draught, while the unique embossed bottle is fast becoming a favourite too. As early as 1993, VELTINS decided to opt for internationalisation – and quite successfully so: export destinations in Europeans countries and overseas have been increasing year after year, and as of now, also here in Asia. VELTINS suits the taste of beer lovers all around the globe – as an authentic German speciality beer with a character of its own.



Back to basics: With the Grevensteiner beer, the C. & A. Veltins brewery brings back to life the time-honored crafts of brewing beer  – in the tradition of twin brothers Carl and Anton Veltins at the beginning of the last century! Amber shimmers it from the label, with the notable more than 100 year old lettering of the family brewery. The bulbous “Steinie”-bottle indicates that solid brewing tradition is alive and well here. The historic “Steinie”-bottle is the container, by which the C. & A. Veltins brewery has been identified over decades.With a seemingly historical label and sympathetic seal on the bottle caps, the history is revived in a new product.

Grevensteiner Taste

The beer is presented with its silky matt amber color with orange reflections and a velvety, soft foam crown. The complex flavor is initially dominated by caramel flavors with a slight undertone of honey, roasted almonds and fresh, fruity notes, reminiscent mainly of green apple. The Grevensteiner has a lively and elegant touch, despite its round and slightly malty-sweet body…

By Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl, Beer Sommelier



185 years of brewing tradition: The Secret of Success

When in 1824 the tavern brewery in Grevenstein first opened its then inconspicuous doors, nobody would have believed that this marked the beginning of the success story that was to become one of the greatest German beer brands. The natural conditions were perfect: extensive forests in the Sauerland mountains, particularly around Grevenstein, but even more importantly, the crystal clear and soft brewing water or brewing liquor guarantee a satisfying full-bodied beer. Clemens Veltins, present day owner Susanne Veltins’s great-great-grandfather, seized the opportunity when he took over business in 1852, founding a family tradition. Years before, he had studied the craft of brewing, and he set out to establish a premium quality, great tasting beer – the same “fresh Veltins” which today goes on to impress more and more beer-aficionados the world over, and now also in Asia!

Veltins Arena

Veltins Arena

FC Schalke 04 and VELTINS-Arena

  • Official sponsor of FC Schalke 04 since 1997
  • Also source of the name for the VELTINS-Arena since 2005
  • High level of national publicity as a football sponsor
  • One of the two most modern stadiums in Germany, and the only one with a retractable grass field

German Football

German Football

Commitment to sports: Where victories are celebrated         FC-Schalke-04

The VELTINS brand is synonymous with tradition, with emotion and with conviviality. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that this brewery has been committed to the world of sports for a number of years. For more than a decade, VELTINS has enjoyed a close and successful partnership with FC Schalke 04, the cult soccer club with a reputation all over Europe. Wherever the players of this traditional club celebrate their victories, VELTINS is part of the party – a wonderful friendship. Because soccer and hospitality are so perfectly matched, the venue of so many international sports events is proudly named the “VELTINS Arena”.

Beer and premium partner to VfL Wolfsburg      

  • Official beer and premium partnership with VfL Wolfsburg from the 2013/14 season
  • Exclusive alcohol sales and supply licence for the Volkswagen Arena
  • Carefully placed brand presence in the stadium


Regional commitments

  • Sponsor of a great many local societies and events
  • Longstanding partner to the Winterberg bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton track and BSC Winterberg
  • By promoting local customs and traditions, we take our social responsibilities seriously

VELTINS sponsoring activities

  • Sponsoring activities boost brand awareness and popularity ratings
  • Brand experience and brand loyalty through integration of VELTINS catering campaigns and active onsite image building
Porsche Motorsports

Porsche Motorsports

Tradition and quality – these values ​​combine the two long-time partner Porsche and the C. & A. Veltins brewery. The highest standards, absolute passion and unique design of the products are crucial to the success of both brands.

The cooperation between Porsche and the C. & A. Veltins brewery will be renewed as part of the return of Porsche in the top category of the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship (WEC). The highlight of the eight World Cup races in the WEC is of course the most famous of all endurance races, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.On 4 March 2014, the new Le Mans prototype was unveiled in Geneva. With the revolutionary 919 hybrid, Porsche will build on the many Le Mans successes and usher in a new era. “We are delighted that the successful collaboration with Porsche is continued in this form,” says VELTINS Marketing Director Herbert Sollich. “The 24 Hours of Le Mans is not only enjoyed by motor sport fans, being an attractive and of high value.”

The partnership with Porsche has a long standing history for Veltins. Having joined in 1997 as a sponsor, Veltins is active in motorsports and has also coached several years the Porsche brand trophy as a partner, besides having sponsored the BMW-Williams F1 team for 5 years. In addition, the current Veltins-returnable crates were developed in collaboration with the Porsche Design Studio.



Appreciated by the connoisseurs

Today, VELTINS is one of Germany’s most important premium beer brands. But, nothing comes from nothing – it is the fresh taste that hits the spot. The special brewing technique, which is indispensable for this type of beer, was developed in the Bohemian town of Pilsen, more than 150 years ago. A Pilsener-type beer is a pale brew with pleasant, hoppy bitterness. Original gravity is 11% minimum, making it a so-called “Vollbier”, or standard beer. It was Carl Veltins himself, who in 1926 made the decision to solely rely on the Pilsener brewing technique. Since then, connoisseurs the world over have come to appreciate a freshly tapped VELTINS.

One thing’s for sure: It’s as fresh as it gets

The fact the fresh VELTINS is literally on everyone’s lips, not just in Germany, but increasingly worldwide, is due to a variety of facts. Tradition, innovation and brewing expertise are indispensable for this story of success. And these characteristics are inherent in the entire range of VELTINS products.

Veltins Pilsener
Veltins alcohol-free beer
Veltins Pilsener

Veltins Pilsener

The Veltins Pilsener is now served in its new Veltins relief bottle which distinguishes itself by its individual, easy-grip design. The Veltins embossed lettering on the bottle neck, an interesting differentiation from the container monotony of other beer brands – defines its pure premium character.
Veltins Pilsener is available in the following sizes:

0.33 l – Relief Bottle / Longneck
0.5 l – Relief Bottle / Longneck
0.5 l – Cans



Grevensteiner is available in the following packaging in Asia:

0.5 l – “Steinie” bottle

Grevensteiner ingredients

The naturally cloudy Grevensteiner original is a very drinkable country beer, which is brewed with soft spring water and processed with freshly harvested hops. Traditional malts give the beer its amber glow and its bold flavor, true to the German purity law.

Information on food labeling

Designation – Beer

Ingredients –  Water, barley malt , hops, yeast

Nutritional value per 100 ml

Calorific value – 45 kcal /187 kJ

Fat – <0.1 g

– Here of: saturated fatty acids –  <0.1 g

Carbohydrates – 3.3 g

– Of which sugars – <0.1 g

Protein – 0.52 g

Salt – <0.01 gAlcohol content – 5.2 % Vol

Veltins alcohol-free beer

Veltins alcohol-free beer

If you are looking for an alcohol-free beer, your first choice should be Veltins alcohol-free beer.

Veltins alcohol free is available in the following packages:

0.33 l  – Relief bottle

Veltins Brewery

Grevensteiner by Veltins

Football is our cup of tea – eh – mug of beer!

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